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    Candidate's Guidelines


    The CV is first selling step for any new job hence it should be structured accurately with all relevant information which are easy to read, precise and structured consistently , to enable prospective employer to relate and extract information from it.
    A cv must always have following
    Full name
    Date of birth
    Passport Details including its expiry date and existing visa details (If for overseas employment)
    Marital status
    Current Contact information (including telephone numbers and an email address)
    Permanent Address with contact details
    Academic details
    professional qualifications
    Employment history - in chronological order giving details of nature and responsibilities of each organization.
    Details of expertise/specialization and other skills
    Important references
    Covering letter of cv

    Guideline for Interview

    Interviews are most important part your job search; it is the ultimate opportunity to sell yourself on a face-to-face basis. You must be well prepared for all probable questions related to your academic achievements ,profession, experience and expertise & skills. You should never be in two minds to answer any question with client. You must have complete information regarding job profile as well company , where you are going for an interview for new job with client

    Preparations for Interview :

    Keep yourself absolutely free on interview day and be well in time at interview venue since its most vital part of job search process.
    Always dress in smart business attire since first impressions do last. You must be very careful about the image, you intend to portray.
    You must bring with you all relevant documents in support of your strong claim for the new job such as academic achievements certificates, experience certificates, your last salary slip, recent Passport size photograph and Passport ( If you are applying for overseas jobs ).You must have clear concept in your mind regarding current annual or monthly CTC and what exactly , you will demand in interview including an explanation as why you consider yourself worth for such hike in salary or CTC from current remuneration.
    You must have clear information about interviewer's name and position.
    You must maintain smile on your face, confidence and answer questions of interviewer to the point. Do not exaggerate any answer unnecessarily. Since there will be questions relating to your strengths, weakness, previous experience, expertise & skills in your profession, leadership quality hence display utmost honesty, enthusiasm and warmth during entire interview period

    Completion of Interview :

    You must meet the concerned consultant of SKC and explain all details of interview questioners , your performance and reasons of your strong claim for the position /job. Our consultant will have an opportunity to provide extra feedback to client to establish your suitability for the job based on your statement .
    Follow up your results with concerned consultant of SKC through letter or E mail or Telephone and if any point is left, which you feel was not asked but was important for you to inform, in strong support of your claim , for the job, pls do write in detail. This will show your keen interest in job to client.

    Final Advise

    Domestic Recruitments :

    Pls do not resign your present job ever unless you receive all authenticated documents from your prospective employer. You must check all documents thoroughly yourself. SKC Management or consultant will take no responsibility if you resign your present job merely on verbal assurances.
    Similarly, if after issue of appointment letter or other required documents by prospective employer, you fail to join in stipulated time period, there are instances that clients have appointed another candidate. In such situation also, it will be at risk and consequences of candidate only.

    Overseas Candidate :

    Pls do not resign your present job unless you receive your visa and ticket in original. If due to any reason, you intend to delay your departure, pls always correspond direct with client to get extension or ask SKC assistance.
    Every country visa has its validity period and candidate must ensure to travel as per advise or schedule. He must read all details carefully on visa and if any doubt, candidate can approach concerned consulate also.
    SKC management cannot grant extension of your over stay after receipt of visa. If visa expire due to delay from your end , irrespective of any reason, SKC Management will not be responsible in any manner.
    Pls check all your documents before finally going to airport like Visa, air ticket, Passport validity etc and never carry any item of others in your baggage while going to overseas.

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